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this is a logo from the 50's

Ohrbach's was a basic nationwide chain but three states housed this chain. New York,New Jersey and California. This store was best known for supplying wardrobes for the cast of "The Dark Shadow", a NBC daytime soap back in the 1960's. In the New Jersey/New York region, these stores were absorbed by Steinbach's (no relation) a Asbury Park chain in 1986 which turned former Ohrbach stores in New Jersey by 1987 and some in New York to Steinbach's until their fate in 1995.



New Jersey

Woodbridge- Woodbridge Center Mall closed in1987 converted to Steinbach's until 1995 original store was demolished and rebuilt as Lord and Taylor

Wayne- WillowBrook Mall closed in 1987 and converted to Steinbach's and is now Lord and Taylor

Paramus- Bergen Mall(now Bergen Town Center) converted to Steinbach's and reopened as Value City and is now closed it will become a Target

Newark- downtown Market and Halsey Street closed in 1974

New York

Rego Park-Queens Center Mall converted to Steinbach's in 1987 closed in 1990 opened as JCPenny until 1994 and was demolished due to mall expansion

NYC- west 34th closed in1987

Westbury-closed in1987 opened as Steinbach's and is now a Century 21 stores

Lake Grove-Smith Haven Mall never opened but Steinbach opened in its place instead




This is a basic Ohrbach's Store in California


A classic newspaper Advertisment from the 1960's


Another Newspaper advertisment for the opening of the Queens Center Mall Store with The OH!! OH!!rbach's campaign  


and here is the Queens Center store


If you were an employee at Ohrbach's,you would have to sign a life insurance form in case the worst happens.

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